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10th NYPFF - 2014

Honorable Mention for tackling the important subject of the dictatorship in Belarus to
Director Krzysztof Lukaszewicz forViva Belarus!.

Viewer's Choice Award for Best Film to "Papusza" directed by Joanna Kos-Krauze and Krzysztof Krauze.

Jury Award for Best Cinematography to Krzysztof Ptak & Wojciech Staron for “Papusza directed by Joanna Kos-Krauze and Krzysztof Krauze.

Jury Award for Best Production Design to Andrzej Halinski for “The Girl from the
directed by Bodo Kox.

The jury also awarded two Honorable Mentions for Best Acting Debut to Magdalena
in “The Girl from the Wardrobe” and to Michal Urbaniak for “My Father’s

The Elzbieta Czyszewska Award, in the Best Acting Category, to Dawid Ogrodnik in
Life Feels Good
for his incredible performance of a man inflicted with Cerebral Palsy.

For it’s deep humanity, astute observation, and artistic courage, worthy of the patron of
this award, the jury comprised of:
Grazyna Drabik - Theater Critic
Danuta Ryder - Designer
Sylvia Hartowicz - PhD Psychology
Tomasz Magierski - Filmmaker
and Andrzej Krakowski - Film Professor, CUNY

awarded the Krzysztof Kieslowski Prize as the Best Film of the 10th New York Polish Film Festival to Life Feels Good" directed by Maciej Pieprzyca.

9th NYPFF - 2013

 9th New York-Polish Film Festival | May 8-12, 2013

Beyond Borders Awards

BEST Feature:
Rose (Róża) by Wojtek Smarzowski 

BEST Feature - Viewers Award:
You are God (Jestes Bogiem) by Leszek David 

BEST Documentary:
The Independent Film Republic (Niezależna Republika Samosiuk) by Adam Lewandowski

BEST Feature Short:
Defense Mechanism (Mechanizm obronny) by Dominik Matwiejczyk

BEST Experimental Short:
Daydream of the Sleepwalker by K’Banchik & Janusz Gilewicz


Best Actor’s Award

Marcin DorociÅ„ski for the role of Tadeusz at Rose (Róża)

8th NYPFF - 2012

Jury members of this year's film festival have awarded following films

Krzysztof Kieslowski Beyond Borders Awards -

Best Feature: "In the Name of the Devil" by Barbara Sass
Best Documentary: "Crulic - The Path to Beyond" by Anca Damian
Best Short Film: "Twist & Blood" by Kuba Czekaj
Best Actress: Katarzyna Zawadzka, "In the Name of the Devil"
Best Actor: Jakub Gierszal, "Suicide Room"
Best Script - "Suicide Room" - by Jan Komasa


Special Awards:

Best Score & Sound - "The Thief" by Bartek Raiński
Best Cinematography - "Twist & Blood" by Kuba Czekaj

Special Jury Recognition -
feature: "My Australia" by Ami Drozd and documentary: "Blinky & Me" by Tomasz Magierski

7th NYPFF - 2011

Congratulations to all the winners of this year's Beyond Borders Awards at the 7th Annual NYPFF!

Best Feature - Erratum by Marek Lechki

Best Feature Debut - Ewa by Adam Sikora and Ingmar Villqist

Best Actress - award in memory of Elzbieta Czyzewska: Barbara Lubos-Swięs

Best Short - Jutro mnie tu nie będzie | I Won't Be Here Tomorrow by Julia Kolberger

Best Documentary - Co mogą martwi jeńcy | What Can Dead Prisoners Do by Anna Ferens

Audience Award: Feature - Essential Killing by Jerzy Skolimowski

Audience Award: Short/Documentary - Poza zasięgiem | Out of Reach by Jakub Stozek

Jury Special Mention - Popatrz | Take a Look by Adam Palenta

6th NYPFF - 2010

The 6th Annual New York Polish Film Festival has come to an end.

And The Winners Are…

Audience Award:
The Lesser Evil by director Janusz Morgernstern was chosen by audience members who attended the 6th Annual NYPFF.

Best Feature Film:
All that I love by director Jacek Borcuch received the Festival’s main “Beyond Borders” Award in the name of Krzysztof Kieslowski for Best Feature Film.

Best Short/Documentary:
WHERE THE SUN DOESN’T RUSH by director Matej Bobrik received the “Beyond Borders” Award for Best Documentary.

Honorary Award:
“50 Years in Cinema” went to director JANUSZ MORGERNSTERN.

The Festival Jury included Anna Bogusz, Roza Brzozowski, Clara Markowicz, Joanna Ney, Izabela Blackwood and was led by Adam Holender.

Special Jury recognition went to the Feature “Black” by Domink Matwiejczyk and
for the Documentary “Life Is Bearable…At Times” by Katarzyna Kolena Zaleska.

5th NYPFF - 2009

FEATURE FILM: "Four Nights with Anna" by Jerzy Skolimowski
DOCUMENTARY: "PO-LIN, Slivers of Memory" by Jolanta Dylewska’s
SHORT: "Refrains" - animated film by Wiola Sowa

AUDIENCE AWARD: "Drowsiness" by Magdalena Piekorz.

Special recognition: Honorable Mention to "Three Buddies", a documentary directed by Anna Ferens and Ewa Stankiewicz

Festival JURY: Agata Galanis ( Journalist), Izabela Kalinowska – Head of Jury; Professor, Stony Brook), Czeslaw Karkowski ( Editor in Chief, Polish Daily News), Zofia Klopotowska (Editor in Chief, Kurier Plus) Aneta Radziejowska (Editor, Super Express USA), Charles Silver ( Curator, Film Department, MoMA),

"Four Nights with Anna" by Jerzy Skolimowski wins "Krzysztof Kieslowski's Beyond Borders Award" at the 5th New York Polish Film Festival.

"The film impressed us with its artistry and austerity, with a masterfully developed narration and excellent cinematography", said Izabela Kalinowska, the chairman of the jury, which included Czeslaw Karkowski (Nowy Dziennik), Zofia Klopotowska (Kurier Plus), Aneta Radziejowska (Super Express), Agata Galanis and Charles Silver, curator of the Department of Film at the MoMA. "Krzysztof Kieslowski did not shy away from asking difficult questions about humanity’s basic tenets, and he often violated established paradigms of speaking about life, love, violence and death. Skolimowski does the same", Kalinowska continued.

The Short Film Award went to Wiola Sowa for her animated film "Refrains" for an interesting presentation of timeless issues and "engaging the viewer in a contemplation of the eternal rhythms of feminity".

Jolanta Dylewska’s "PO-LIN, Slivers of Memory" won this year’s prize in the category of the Documentary. Her film was recognized as a captivating collage of Polish-Jewish home movies from the 1930s and contemporary interviews with catholic Poles, enriched by a voice-over narration that incorporates passages from Holocaust Memory Books.

"After a period of fascination with Western popular culture, Polish film makers are now speaking with their own voices again. They direct cameras towards a society in transition, in which troubled social and personal relations abound. We are impressed with the insightfulness and candor, with which the documentary and short films portray contemporary Poland", the jury stated.

Throughout the entire festival the viewers had a chance to vote for their favorite feature film. Their award went to "Drowsiness" by Magdalena Piekorz.

Additionally the jury decided to grant an honorable mention to "Three Buddies", a documentary directed by Anna Ferens and Ewa Stankiewicz for "an inquisitive engagement with socio-political realities of communist Poland".

The Award Night of the 5th New York Film Festival took place in the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan and wrapped up with the screening of the winning productions: "Refrains" and "Four Nights with Anna".

Aleksandra SÅ‚abisz,
Polish Daily News

4th NYPFF - 2008

Feature Film: Tricks by Andrzej Jakimowski
Documentary: Where do Wild Strawberries Grow by Anna Ferens
Short Film: Aria Diva by Agnieszka Smoczynska
Special Beyond Award: Time to Die by Dorota Kedzierzawska

Special recognition: Sonia Bohosiewicz for her creation in Preserve by Lukasz Palkowski
Audience Award: Extras by Michal Kwiecinski

3rd NYPFF - 2007

The film festival’s jury granted the "Beyond Borders" Award, named in honor of Krzysztof Kieslowski, for the best feature film and the best short film (only Polish productions and NY premieres at the festival qualified to compete).
The audience voted for their choice of the best Polish film and the winner was presented with the "New York’s Audience" award.

The main prize of the festival, the "Beyond Borders Award"
a beautiful bronze sculpture by the artist Krystyna Spisak-Madejczyk www.krystynaspisak.com was given to the feature film "Persona Non Grata", directed by Krzysztof Zanussi.

The New York’s "Audience Award" for best feature film was presented to Michael Rosa’s "What the Sun Has Seen".

The "Beyond Borders Awar" for best short film was awarded to "Three for the Taking" directed by Bartek Konopka, created as part of "30 minutes" program at the Andrzej Wajda’s Master School of Film Directing in Warsaw.

Other honorable mentions from the student films shown this year are: Filip Marczewski’s "Melodrama", Thierry Paladino’s "On the Datcha", Wojciech Kasperski’s "Refuge City", Marcin Sauter’s "Behind the Fence" and Marcin Janos Krawczyk’s "Rendez-vous".

2nd NYPFF - 2006

Krzysztof Kieślowski Memorial Award 'BEYOND BORDERS' for:

Special Jury recognition for:

  • My Nikifor by Krzysztof Krauze
  • Tulips by Jacek Borcuch
  • A Conversation with Krzysztof KieÅ›lowski
    by Andreas Voigt and Lothar Kompatzki
  • Short Animated Films by Mariusz (Wilk) WilczyÅ„ski

The Jury of the 2nd NY Polish Film Festival

  • Grażyna Drabik, Professor, Theatre Critic, Translator
  • Sylvia Hartowicz, Psychologist;
  • Krystyna Spisak-Madejczyk, Sculptor;
  • Izabela Kalinowska, Professor, Stony Brook State University of New York
  • 'Beyond Borders' award sculpture
    created by Krystyna Spisak (www.krystynaspisak.com)


1st NYPFF - 2005

Audience Award for Feature Film for:

  • Julia Walking Home (The Healer), directed by Agnieszka Holland
  • Warsaw by Dariusz Gajewski

Best short film award for

  • Gerszom by Jacek Podgórski

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